February 2013 Recap

I ended February with a small profit in my Trading Leg and a loss in my Roth IRA which is the total opposite of how my January ended.

Trading Leg
I made a total of 7 trades this month. Two of which are still open (YUM and PNRA) and end of month values are indicated in italics.

Roth IRA
Not sticking to my loss limit on the OEX trade I entered this month (prior to the start of this blog) cost me quite a bit of capital. I was able to maintain discipline and stick to my trading plan on the other trades. My position in MMM is still open with the end of month value indicated in italics. I have not sold the call options as of this post but, as mentioned in my previous post, when I do I plan on selling the Mar 105 call options with the intent of being called out.

Well, that’s it for February. Hope you all experienced good profits for the month.


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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