Trade Update: CAKE

I attempted to trade on the fact that CAKE was hanging out of the top bollinger band. Generally, stocks will pull back inside the bands. This stock did but, it didn’t back up as much as I thought it would. As mentioned in my previous post, I bought 4 May 40 puts for $1.20. My loss limit was $0.90 with an exit point of $2.25. I wasn’t able to exit the trade at my planned lost limit so, I lost a little more than I’d planned.

Here’s a look at how I did:

# Shares or Contracts Purch Price Capital Out Sell Price Capital In Comm & Fees Gain / Loss

% Gain & Loss

4 1.20 480.00 0.40 160.00 10.00 -330.00 -68.8%

My charts for this trade:

130304 HLF


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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