Stock Watchlist: AEO, DECK, SIX, WFM

I am currently watching the following stocks:

AEO – American Eagle Outfitters
AEO has a trend of declining over the next 2wks so, I’ll be watching it for any potential put trades.

DECK – Deckers Outdoor Corporation
DECK is another stock that tends to decline over the next 2wks. 

SIX – Six Flags
SIX recently announced a stock split for June 27. I will be watching for potential trades up/down until the day they are scheduled to split.

WFM – Whole Foods
WFM also announced a stock split. The stock is scheduled to split on May 30. I will have this one on my radar for the next 2wks as well for any potential trades up/down before it splits.


3 thoughts on “Stock Watchlist: AEO, DECK, SIX, WFM

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