New Trade: AMZN

Today, I bought 4 Jun 270 put options. 2 at $2.50 and 2 at 2.75. I set my loss limit at $2.25 and exit point at $4.00. Amazon is a quick moving stock so, I was in and out of this trade in one day. The option price was moving fairly quickly and only half my order was executed the first time so, I initiated another order to buy the other half at a different price. As a result this trade will be shown in two different transactions in the table below.

Here’s a look how I did:

# Shares or Contracts Purch Price Capital Out Sell Price Capital In Comm & Fees Gain / Loss

% Gain & Loss

2 2.50 500.00 4.00 800.00 10.00 290.00 58.0%
2 2.75  550.00 4.00 800.00  5.00*  245.00 44.5%

*Commission was charged twice on the two separate buy orders but, only once on the sell order.

My charts for this trade:

130516 WFM


7 thoughts on “New Trade: AMZN

  1. hi tela,
    your trades are awesome. great job on entry and exit..
    i am new to your journal. i was wondering what your trigger points are to get in and out. can you also describe your charts please… like the MA values. thx.
    p.s.. i am a newbie and just trying to learn.

    • Hi Jay!
      I am using the 20, 50, and 200 MAs. Before entering a trade I require a trend in my trade direction and all my indicators going in the direction of my trend at the same time. Once I have that I will enter the trade. I also determine my exit point (a $ amount) prior to entering the trade and it is dependent on how the particular stock moves and how well the trend has performed in the past.

      Have a nice trade!

      • hi tela,
        thanks for your response. can you also describe your other indicator settings please ? also, are you on twitter so i can follow you real-time ? jay

        • Jay,
          Unfortunately, I do not share the settings on the other indicators at this time as they are proprietary to a trading course I took. I do not have a Twitter account but, I do have a StockTwits account (MrsTela). I hardly use it as it adds to the number of trading tools I have to update/track (excel journal, blog, charts). I do however, try to blog my trades at every entry and exit. I am still working on simplifying my processes so, I may start to use StockTwits more in the future.

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