New Trade: AZO

Autozone is one of the stocks on my recent watch list. I bought options against AZO in two of my accounts and at two different strike prices so, I listed them separately. The sell off in the market over the last week or so started making this a losing trade for me. Luckily today’s rally gave it the boost I needed. 

Here’s a look at how I did:

# Shares or Contracts Purch Price Capital Out Sell Price Capital In Comm & Fees Gain / Loss

% Gain & Loss

2 Mar 540 calls 3.40 680.00 6.00 1,200.00 10.00 510.00 75%
 20 Mar 500 calls 17.50  35,000.00   24.70 49,400.00  40.00  14,360.00  41% 

My charts for this trade:

140124 AZO

140124 AZO (Roth)

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Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 8.07.12 AM


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